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Posted 2020-02-26 by The Sleep in General

Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep, and the overall state of our "sleep health" remains an essential question throughout our lifespan. Most of us know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, but too few of us actually make those eight or so hours between the sheets a priority. For many of us with sleep debt, we’ve forgotten what “being really, truly rested” feels like. To further complicate matters, stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, alarm clocks, and external lights—including those from electronic devices—interferes with our "circadian rhythm" or natural sleep/wake cycle.

Posted 2020-01-29 by Bambi / AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL in Innovative New Products

National cross-country ski teams look to gain every advantage they can to cross the finish line first—everything from the latest advances in sports science, emerging eating trends involving superfoods, cryogenic recovery, cutting-edge training techniques and innovative equipment. But air purifiers?

Posted 2019-12-30 by Bambi Christman in General

It's the end of the year. Time to make resolutions for the new year! And we can't think of a better resolution than one that addresses taking better care of your health. The saying "Health Is Wealth" sometimes becomes apparent only AFTER you no longer HAVE your health. Make 2020 the year you become proactive when it comes to imcorporating the daily habits that will improve and maintain your health. Here are 7 Golden Rules for a longer, healthier life.

Posted 2019-11-05 by Bambi Christman in Business Essentials

In a business, there are plenty of crucial and flammable items that fireproof storage can protect, alongside checks and money. Essential paperwork might include documents that outline your ownership of the commercial property, or insurance papers, stocks, and shares. These things can help to ensure the quick and easy re-growth of the business after a fire-based disaster.

Posted 2019-09-30 by Bambi Christman in General

The night air is cooler, the foliage is starting to turn red, orange and gold - and pumpkins are suddenly everywhere! The changing of the season at this time of year is so exciting! Neighborhood houses are boasting porch decorations of corn husks and pumpkins, local farms are creating their corn mazes, and the store shelves are now filled with pumpkin spice colors, fragrances and tastes! We have a few "pumpkin" offerings as well!

Posted 2019-07-25 by Bambi Christman in Community

It is said that nothing brings a community together more strongly than tragedy. And it is with heavy hearts that our community mourns the loss of 9-year-old Preston Dray, his mother, Pamela Snyder, and his unborn baby sister, Evelyn, to a flash flood incident in July. However, our community – and many surrounding communities – are working hard to keep the young boy’s legacy alive.

Posted 2019-06-04 by Bambi Christman in Community

Relay For Life is a life-changing event that brings together more than 3.5 million people in one day. For some participants, it is to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer. The strength of survivors inspires others to continue to fight. For others, it is to remember loved ones lost to the disease. At Relay, people who have walked alongside people battling cancer can grieve and find healing.

Posted 2019-04-23 by Bambi Christman in General

What do YOU know about the origins and traditions of Cinco de Mayo? It's celebrated every year on May 5th and most people see it as the day of the year to celebrate Mexican culture, food and drink. You may be surprised when you find out the facts about this festive day and how it's celebrated in both Mexico and by its northerly neighbors.

Posted 2019-01-02 by Bambi Christman in Environmental

If you enjoy gazing at the twinkling of stars and the phases of the moon in the evening sky, then you are in for a real treat January 20th, as the appearance of the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon graces the sky. This phenomenon is actually the convergence of a few lunar events.

Posted 2018-11-06 by Bambi Christman in Community

If your family lives too far away for you to join them on Thanksgiving, or you now find yourself without family you still get a chance to experience the warmth of a Turkey Day gathering with people you love spending time with: your friends.

Posted 2018-10-03 by Julie Morgenstern in Community

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The color pink shows up everywhere. Everyone has a pink ribbon displayed somewhere. So, yes, the pink reminders increase "awareness." The truth is, thanks to years of campaigning and education, most Americans are already aware of breast cancer. Unfortunately, early detection and awareness is not the cure-all we once thought it was back when the pink ribbon was invented. Many women who catch this disease in its early stage and get treatment, still go on to have an advanced relapse - and that's what kills. Displaying pink ribbons isn't enough. We need to focus our efforts on helping people who have advanced breast cancer.

Posted 2018-09-10 by Bambi Christman in General

Fragrant apple wood burning in the fireplace, spiced cider drinks, cheese-filled casseroles - these are a few of our favorite Autumn things! Autumn is the beginning of cooler evenings, colorful hillside foliage, and a delightful selection of season foods. There's just so much to be happy about this time of year.

Posted 2018-07-16 by Julie Morgenstern in General

Several years ago Life Magazine conducted the Great American Weekend Study, and discovered that 47% of people wait until Thursday night or later to plan their weekends. I don’t even need to tell you what happens when we wait too long to plan — the weekend slips through our fingers and before we know it, it’s Sunday night, and we didn’t do anything fun or refreshing. In these times of stress, it’s more essential than ever to stay in balance and plan ahead to fill your downtime off with activities that renew perspective, optimism, and joy. The key is build around a framework for deciding what to do. Think PEP…

Posted 2018-03-22 by Blake Wrigley in Community

The 138 year-old Pottstown YMCA is an important community resource for the surrounding area. With programs for young children, middle and high school students, adults and senior citizens, the Y promotes healthy lifestyles for all ages. Programming includes daycare services, sports leagues, swimming classes, and much more. As Pottstown is home to both low and middle-income communities, the Y’s services are valuable and help to meet family needs.

Posted 2018-02-12 by HP Source in Educational Environment

Many schools are issuing tablets and laptops to their students, but are they always the best solution? In many cases, desktop computers are a better bet. Computers have become an important aspect of the classroom experience as schools increasingly issue laptops and tablets to their students. However, there are many cases when a desktop computer reigns supreme over its lightweight cousins.

Posted 2018-01-22 by Blake Wrigley in General

Work can be stressful and days can seem long, especially during this time of the year. I am always looking for ways to keep my energy up and to focus my attention during the workday. One simple remedy I have found that works for me: taking a walk.

Posted 2018-01-09 by Blake Wrigley in General

Often, we hear that the world is made up of leaders and followers. I like to think it is more complex than that. In both my personal and professional life, there have been times when I needed to fill each role. In certain settings and situations, I needed to step up and lead the group. Other times, I recognized a talented leader and knew that I could be most helpful by following well.

Posted 2017-12-14 by Blake Wrigley in General

Perhaps the most important social skill that we can practice is the act of listening; specifically, listening well and actively. I think this is true in our personal and professional lives. Being able to listen well and really hear what others are saying is an essential skill for healthy relationships. So, seeking to improve our listening skills is a worthwhile venture.

Posted 2017-11-21 by Blake Wrigley in General

The rumors are true: the holiday season is here again. This time of year can be so busy, stress inducing, tiring … it almost feels cliché to write about it. We are reminded every year to slow down, enjoy the family time, be thankful. This can be easier said than done.

Posted 2017-11-13 by Blake Wrigley in General

In today’s world, our memory may be less important than ever before. Think about how much we now rely on Google to find the answers to our questions. Or how Siri now sets reminders for us. Or how our GPS app gets us to that place that we have been to before but can’t quite remember how to get there.

Posted 2017-11-02 by Blake Wrigley in Community

It’s a beautiful autumn day in Pennsylvania and you are driving along Hoffmansville Road in Bechtelsville, on your way to Bauman’s to get some apple cider. You drive past a brick building with a sign by the road that reads “Helping Hands”. You have driven past this place many times, but today, for whatever reason, your curiosity has been piqued . . . what is this place and what do they do?

Posted 2017-10-17 by Blake Wrigley in Ergonomics

Have you checked out our line of Right Angle products yet? If you are looking to make your office space more comfortable, efficient, and organized, you should! A family-owned company based in Wisconsin manufactures Right Angle products. They specialize in office furniture that is designed with ergonomics in mind.

Posted 2017-09-28 by Blake Wrigley in Community

This time of year in Pennsylvania is beautiful. Summer is transitioning into fall and the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors. My advice: take advantage of this time and enjoy the local, natural wonders of where we live! One of those wonders is the Schuylkill River and the Schuylkill River Trail.

Posted 2017-09-13 by Blake Wrigley in General

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland’s School of Social Work. A common idea that comes up throughout my classes is burn out. In any job and career, it is important to be aware and cautious of giving too much of yourself, not taking time to rest, and becoming burnt out. Burn out can appear in many forms, but generally workplace burn out is a mixture of feelings that capture being deeply tired, stressed, overextended, and ambivalent.

Posted 2017-08-18 by Blake Wrigley in General

Next week, on Monday August 21st, parts of North America will experience a special, total solar eclipse. An eclipse like this has not occurred since 1979. In our neck of the woods we will not be able to see the total eclipse, but this area will still be able to view a partial eclipse and it promises to still be a stunning sight to see.

Posted 2017-08-02 by Blake Wrigley in Office Furniture

Sometimes it seems that you have to sacrifice aesthetics when you are searching for office products that are efficient and functional. If this is a problem you are facing in your office, we encourage you to check out Iceberg Enterprises, which has a great line of products that are sleek, modern, effective, and professional.

Posted 2017-07-25 by Blake Wrigley in General

My wife and I just returned from a trip to Scandinavia, visiting Denmark and Sweden. We had an amazing time exploring Copenhagen and Stockholm, experiencing Swedish nature, and spending quality time with some family and close friends. While we were there, we were curious as to why Scandinavian countries are so often said to be the happiest …what is their secret? Here are a few things we think contribute to their happy lifestyle.

Posted 2017-06-26 by Blake Wrigley in Community

Summertime is officially here, bringing with it great times with friends and family. Summer is also the perfect time to get outside, get active, and to get involved in your community. The Pottstown Health & Wellness Foundation, located on E. High Street, is an organization that encourages just that and we here at WRIGLEY'S are proud to support their efforts.

Posted 2017-06-07 by Blake Wrigley in Improving The Work Environment

We all have meetings at our workplaces. Some are efficient, others…not so much. Why do we leave some meetings feeling productive, focused, and energized, while other times we leave feeling drained and perhaps even more confused? You should know these 3 Rules for Effective Meetings.

Posted 2017-03-28 by Blake Wrigley in General

Happy spring! It is a great time of year not just for deep cleaning, but also for a fresh start at the office. We found a few good reads online that can be helpful when trying to get organized, be more efficient, or simply reduce your stress at work. We hope some of these suggestions help you to have a healthy and productive spring!

Posted 2017-03-15 by Blake Wrigley in Educational Environment

Does your school, business, or organization work with children and young people? If so, you know that your workspace has some unique needs. Don’t worry! We have you covered here at WRIGLEY'S. We carry Jonti-Craft products, a family owned, American made company that specializes in furniture and other educational products designed for children and youth.

Posted 2017-02-28 by Blake Wrigley in Improving The Work Environment

When you are at work, you should never have to sacrifice your comfort and especially not your health! Thanks to advances in ergonomics and office furniture, you can make your office and workspace not only more productive, but also an environment that supports your wellness.

Posted 2017-02-15 by Blake Wrigley in Community

For many of us, family is the reason we work. Our families encourage and motivate us, and provide us a place we can be our true selves; a home without walls. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget that many families are facing challenging times, which can lead to unstable situations. This is why Wrigley’s is proud to support CONCERN, a local non-profit that has been caring for children and adolescents and strengthening families since 1978.

Posted 2017-01-17 by Blake Wrigley in Innovative New Products

Here at WRIGLEY'S, we offer a complete catalog of Ghent products. Ghent, an American-owned and operated company, specializes in creating modern, innovative whiteboards and bulletin boards designed to help you communicate information in a clear and organized way. With a line that offers a wide variety of options (most of which are under a 50-year warranty) they are sure to have a something to fit your office.

Posted 2017-01-04 by Blake Wrigley in General

Do you have valuables that you can’t imagine losing? Are you in need of a better security plan for your business? Are your assets safe from natural disasters? Whether you need to protect your cash, paper documents, or other valuables at the office or at home, FireKing Security Group has the products to give you peace of mind.

Posted 2016-12-12 by Bambi Christman in General

Eleven more shopping days until Christmas! Are you still searching for those last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers? WRIGLEY’S has thousands of products to choose from! We’ll make it easy for you and list some of this month’s trending products.

Posted 2016-09-29 by Todd Taylor in Improving The Work Environment

Storage isn't very sexy, nor is it all that fun to buy. It isn't like sitting down in that new leather chair for the first time and feeling the way the back and seat simply fit with your body. Or the feeling you get, coming intoa room, flipping on the light to see the wood grain and tone from your new desk, infusing an old office space with new life. Nope, you just don't get that with most filing cabinets.

Posted 2016-06-07 by Bret Wrigley in Community

I'm sure everyone can relate to the expression "when it rains it pours." Well, on the personal side of my life, it has been pouring buckets for the last six months. The last several months have, in many ways, changed my perspective on life.

Posted 2016-02-25 by Bret Wrigley in General

Zac is a local celebrity a.k.a., Zac in the Hall. If you search for “Zac in the Hall” on YouTube, you can watch several “Zac in the Hall” episodes. Long story short, Zac is now a college student who is working part time at WRIGLEY’S. I saw the potential of doing something fun and at the same time informative, so we created, “Zac in the Office”.

Posted 2016-02-10 by Blake Wrigley in Community

There are some places in our hometowns that quietly and humbly serve residents in need week in and week out. The Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities (PCRC) is one such place. PCRC supports Pottstown residents through food assistance and community meal programs, as well as other programming such as the Pottstown Housing Resource Center. WRIGLEY’S is honored to be a supporting partner to an organization that is doing such great work in our area.

Posted 2016-01-15 by Blake Wrigley in Educational Environment

The Schuylkill River Heritage Area, based in Pottstown, has a new executive director: Silas Chamberlin. The work SRHA does in our local communities is important to us here at WRIGLEY’s and we are proud to support Silas and his team. We recently reached out to SRHA to get some information about their new leader and to find out what’s in store for 2016.

Posted 2015-12-23 by Bret Wrigley in General

As I was writing last week’s blog about the thin line we all live on, my sister Jill was being admitted into the hospital. I knew she had been sick with pneumonia, and my family and I thought that was the reason. However, after a week of testing, they have discovered she is dealing with something much more serious. With a very heavy heart, I have to say Jill is another example of life’s thin line.

Posted 2015-12-17 by Bret Wrigley in General

If you are like me, life continues to fly by at a crazy pace. The battle cry for most of us is “I am so busy” or “time is flying by”. I think the pace of today’s world many times prevents us from noticing lessons that life is continuously sending our way. Unfortunately, one of the most important lessons in life doesn’t seem to really enter into our thoughts until some type of tragedy or traumatic event happens to us or someone we are close to.

Posted 2015-12-03 by Bret Wrigley in General

Like most people I love the Holiday season (most of the time!). I especially enjoy taking some of the quiet Holiday time to slow down, unwind and do a little reflective thinking. Over this past Thanksgiving break I did just that. One of the thoughts that floated to the top was about my business - big surprise! However, since I was in a relaxed, reflective state of mind, I was able to cast aside thinking about my “to do” lists or the many challenges the business faces. Instead, what came to mind were thoughts of appreciation about some of the past and all of current team of employees.

Posted 2015-11-23 by Blake Wrigley in General

There is so much anger, conflict, and hurt in the world right now. The past few weeks, months, and even the past year as a whole has been filled with stories of hate, stories of despair, stories of misunderstandings and blame. Whether in our own country or overseas in places that we know little about, the world can seem chaotic and, well, sad

Posted 2015-11-10 by Blake Wrigley in Community

It’s funny how we can live in an area for a long time, sometimes our entire lives, and still continue to discover new places so close to home. There is a new (yet old) way to explore the local area: The Colebrookdale Railroad (CRR). A project of the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust, the Secret Valley Line is bringing a fresh energy to the Boyertown and Pottstown area.

Posted 2015-10-12 by Bret Wrigley in General

During my recent trip to Budapest, many of my best experiences centered around food (go figure!) I shopped the famous Great Market Hall with its tantalizing array of fruits, vegetables and spices, and then participated in an afternoon of cooking at the Chefparade Cooking School, where I learned the best cooking practices used to create delicious, traditional Hungarian foods.

Posted 2015-09-09 by Bambi Christman / VIA in Improving The Work Environment

Research has proven that remaining seated for too long is bad for your health, regardless of how much exercise you do. Studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and premature death. Prolonged sitting slows the metabolism, which affects the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. Many adults spend more than seven hours a day sitting at their job. To address this unhealthy, but necessary lifestyle (earning a living!), a new line of office furniture has been designed, named Motion Furniture (by Via).

Posted 2015-07-24 by SMEAD / Ramona Creel in General

While tackling that big pile of "here's my life" records, the question is: How do I know if I need to keep it? The yearly “file purge” is a sensitive (and somewhat scary) issue for many, because there could be harsh consequences if you toss something that you should have kept. These are general-purpose records retention guidelines. If you have unusual or extenuating circumstances in your life please check with your accountant or attorney before pitching any important legal, business, or financial paperwork.The following guidelines will explain how long you are required to retain legal and financial records.

Posted 2015-07-13 by Blake Wrigley in General

What a beautiful night to sleep outside in a tent. My fiancé Amanda and I were up in the mountains of northeast PA, near the NY border at my family’s cottage on Page Lake. It was the kind of summer night that was perfect for a sleeping bag: not hot, slightly chilly, and peacefully still. I fell asleep rather quickly, Amanda did as well, but she awoke shortly afterwards. As she was trying to fall back asleep, she heard something moving through the trees and then a strange growling. It was low, startling, and unfamiliar.

Posted 2015-06-26 by Bambi Christman in Improving The Work Environment

If your employees aren't prepared to handle a variety of injuries on all shifts and their co-workers are left untreated until an ambulance arrives, a victim's condition may worsen and injuries can become far more debilitating, which leads to greater medical costs and lost productivity.

Posted 2015-03-19 by Bret Wrigley in General

There’s nothing better than skiing on a beautiful winter day. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do in life. It’s been a good winter for skiing. At the same time, it’s been a really cold and long winter and I am more than ready for spring. My thoughts are now springing forward to warmer weather and enjoying my favorite outdoor activities. Topping my list is hiking and biking on various sections of the Schuylkill River Trail.

Posted 2015-02-18 by Bambi Christman / SMEAD in General

One of the biggest hurdles to getting organized is a looming anxiety about getting rid of belongings. We want to clear out our space, but struggle when it comes time to move the clutter out the door. Typically, one of four barriers impedes the process. Here is an overview of the most common hurdles, along with some thoughts on how to overcome them.

Posted 2015-02-10 by Bambi Christman in General

Everyone deserves to feel special on Valentine’s Day. This holiday is about wanting to make loved ones smile. Valentine’s Day is not reserved ONLY for couples, but extends to family and friends as well. Valentine’s Day is here to remind us to make time for those we care about and and to celebrate the special people in our lives. Need some ideas?

Posted 2015-01-29 by Elizabeth Carlton in Innovative New Products

Boxes. They’re an every day necessity in the working world, and yet the agony of lugging, storing and moving them around can sometimes be unbearable. Our wrists hurt, our backs ache, yet we take the injuries in stride as if pain is just part of the job. But what if it didn’t have to be?

Posted 2015-01-20 by Bret Wrigley in General

I hate to say it but I am now in my mid 50’s - yikes! Time seems to be accelerating. The phrase “bucket list” runs through my mind more frequently. When you get to your 50’s, the shortness of life starts to sink in. I started off this year by marking off two items off of my bucket list.

Posted 2015-01-02 by Bambi Christman in Improving The Work Environment

Studies show that sitting for prolonged periods of time is detrimental to your health. The High Rise Collection™ from VICTOR® offers products that allow users to stand while working. This in turn reduces or eliminates the pain users experience from being hunched over their desks and the negative long-term effects of sitting for long hours.

Posted 2014-12-19 by Bambi Christman in General

Is there a more magical time than the early hours of Christmas morning? The kids went to bed wound up (and exhausted) Christmas eve, but they are up at the crack of dawn, eager to see what Santa Claus has brought them. Keep the magic going by creating Christmas themed breakfast goodies that everyone will love!

Posted 2014-11-25 by Bambi Christman in General

I have such wonderful, childhood memories of Thanksgiving Day. My mother, who enjoyed every holiday, had us anticipating Thanksgiving Day for weeks! The second week of November started seeing changes in the décor of our home. Bouquets of strawflowers mixed with herbs and holly berries were placed in every room. An arrangement of colorful Indian corn replaced the ivy wreath on the front door. When we caught the scent of bayberry candles burning, we knew the holiday preparations were about to begin.

Posted 2014-11-13 by Bambi Christman in Improving The Work Environment

Thirty minutes of exercise a day use to be considered protection against the damaging effects of a desk job. Studies now show that even for those who work out during the day, prolonged sitting can increase the long-term risk of illness or death. As a result, some office workers are literally standing up for their health – shunning expensive ergonomically correct chairs and building makeshift, stand-up desks.

Posted 2014-10-27 by Bambi Christman in General

Kids (and adults!) love Halloween. This scary, fun holiday lets everyone indulge in the simple joy of playacting. Kids in particular look forward to Halloween because they get to inhabit a character, whether it be a frightening figure or an idolized superhero. Getting together with friends and family for trick-or-treating and parties has become a fun-filled tradition for most Americans. And what's a good Halloween party or Halloween dinner without really "creepy" food?

Posted 2014-10-08 by Bambi Christman in General

The winter of 2013-14 was one of the coldest winters in 20 years. There were only a few severe storms - but there were a LOT of storms! Cities and states that normally had a surplus of salt – ran out! The predictions for winter 2014-15 in our area is looking like a repeat of last year. Colder-than-average temperatures and above-normal snowfall. I believe this is our “heads-up”, people!

Posted 2014-09-17 by Bambi Christman in Educational Environment

School is now in full swing and we here at WRIGLEY'S are feeling the school spirit! We are excited to help you find what you need for your classroom and are proud to offer more than just everyday school supplies such as pencils and notebooks. We also have available a full line of school furniture that can outfit the modern classroom and help create a positive learning space.

Posted 2014-08-20 by Bambi Christman in Educational Environment

The modern classroom is constantly evolving. Research shows that today's students are learning together, working in groups and interacting with peers. Teachers are even joining in, rather than instructing from their desk or the front of the room. The SmartLink® furniture line from the HON Company easily accommodates any learning style, teaching activity, and both left- and right-handers. It's a fresh idea that allows you to build student involvement and greater exchange of ideas in the learning environment.

Posted 2014-08-12 by Blake Wrigley in General

Over the past 5 years or so, many companies, organizations, and households have been switching over from the traditional incandescent light bulb to the compact fluorescent light bulb. While the CFLs do provide major improvements in efficiency and costs for the user, another lighting option is being introduced that promises to build upon these improvements. The challenger to the efficient lighting throne: the LED light bulb.

Posted 2014-07-30 by Blake Wrigley in General

A few months ago, I stuffed my small, blue Toyota Scion with all my belongings, left my parents’ house in Gilbertsville and made my way south. I was moving to Baltimore, MD to start a year of service through Americorps. I accepted a job as a mentor for at-risk, inner city youth who are on probation. Into the wild I went.

Posted 2014-07-18 by Blake Wrigley in Promotions

It’s a basic rule of business: a company that wants to grow needs to market themselves well. We here at WRIGLEY’S understand this and want to help your business reach its true potential. Through promotional items and projects such as “Cause Marketing”, we believe you can really give your business the boost it needs.

Posted 2014-07-09 by Bambi Christman in General

It's summer, a great time for day trips and weekend getaways! Pennsylvania is loaded with magnificent views, beautiful lakes and waterfalls, peaceful trails and lots of history. If shopping is your idea of relaxing and having fun, Pennsylvania also offers many beautifully restored towns whose streets are lined with wonderful shops and restaurants. Before you head out of state, DISCOVER PENNSYLVANIA!

Posted 2014-07-01 by Bambi Christman in General

In just a few days, our country will light fireworks, dress in the nation's colors and celebrate Independence Day. We'll gather with family, friends and community and enjoy food, fun, and FREEDOM. Let's make sure and remember that these celebrations would not be possible without those who serve and have served our country. In honor of these brave soldiers, let's all join in bringing back the tradition of "The Ringing of The Bells".

Posted 2014-06-24 by Bambi Christman in General

Heeding some basic safety tips this summer could help to keep you, your family, and your friends out of the emergency room and in the fun zone this summer. Our local emergency doctors have seen or heard it all and eagerly share the following valuable tips.

Posted 2014-06-12 by Bambi Christman in General

Father’s Day is a day that we honor and celebrate all dads, who work tirelessly to support, educate, and protect their families. They strive to raise their children to be respectful, responsible and to be able to be good productive adults with morals and family values. Dads can be stern, obnoxious, supportive, strict disciplinarians, and extremely protective. Dads sometimes behave like children themselves, and can be very funny and entertaining. Most of all, a father’s love is unconditional and deep rooted to the very fiber of their being. Dads are a source of strength and support, encouragement and forgiveness and deserve to be honored for all they have done, all they do, and all that they are.

Posted 2014-06-10 by Rachel Trainer in Promotions

Here at WRIGLEY'S, we know the importance of that first cup of coffee. From the familiar, comforting smell, to that extra burst of energy, it is vital to your morning routine. We want to make your morning extra special by giving away a year supply of coffee. That’s right – you could win a year supply of Entenmann’s Breakfast Bend K-Cups!

Posted 2014-06-03 by Rachel Trainer in General

Pinterest could be the tool to jump-start your small business. On all major social media platforms, posts with images average 3 times more user engagement than those without. Facebook and Twitter recently changed their layouts and algorithms to place an even higher priority on posts with pictures. No wonder Pinterest, a site comprised entirely of pictures, has grown to over 70 million users worldwide since it launched in 2010. With a rapidly growing number of users and its hyper visual layout, Pinterest can exponentially grow your business.

Posted 2014-05-21 by Rachel Trainer in General

Twitter is a great tool to help your small business stand out from the rest. If you have a well-developed brand image, Twitter is the perfect tool for connecting with your customers and defining your role in the marketplace.

Posted 2014-05-15 by Rachel Trainer in General

The news is full of stories about small businesses losing to big box companies. Globalization and the internet are making it more and more difficult for small companies to compete with their larger competition. However, one Internet tool is a larger asset than many small business owners realize: social media.

Posted 2014-05-07 by Blake Wrigley in Improving The Work Environment

Great businesses know that their success and their potential growth rest with their employees. In other words, an organization is only as strong as the individuals who run it. If this is true, then efficient teamwork and healthy group dynamics become invaluable goals. In order to reach these goals, good communication becomes absolutely essential.

Posted 2014-05-02 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

You’ve tried company retreats, training seminars, and reorganized your company structure, but nothing seems to increase employee productivity. Have you tried taking a break? It might seem counterintuitive, but studies show that frequent, satisfying breaks actually increase productivity. Rather than schedule time on costly training sessions, you may be able to transform your work environment by simply rethinking your employee break policy and perfecting your breakroom.

Posted 2014-04-23 by Blake Wrigley in General

One of the reasons WRIGLEY’S is proud to be partnered with the Schuylkill River Heritage Area is because they enable us to explore and celebrate our neck of the woods. Their official mission is “to conserve, interpret and develop the historical, cultural, natural and recreational resources related to the industrial and cultural heritage of the Schuylkill River Valley.” One of the main ways they move forward with this mission is through their signature project: the Schuylkill River Trail.

Posted 2014-04-17 by Rachel Trainer in General

From fresh flowers to fluffy bunnies, Easter is a holiday full of new life. Put your own spin on the Easter classics and breathe new life into household items with these DIY Easter tips.

Posted 2014-04-11 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! After an unusually long and cold winter, it’s time to clean out the office and start over with a fresh, new perspective. Whether you have a small, personal office, or a large company, here are some tips to help with your Office Spring Cleaning.

Posted 2014-03-26 by Blake Wrigley in Environmental

Wrigley’s is constantly exploring new products, company policies, and partnerships that will further our ongoing sustainability efforts. We pass on some of this information through our blog, but we think it’s important for you to experience our top-quality eco-conscious products first-hand. Starting this month, Wrigley’s Go Green Project will allow you to try out some of our favorite environmentally-friendly products for free!

Posted 2014-03-03 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

It’s fifteen minutes before the big meeting. The bagels and coffee are laid out, the PowerPoint is set up, and the conference room is spotless. The only thing left to do is print the Agendas. Feeling accomplished, you click print and walk to the printer. Blinking red lights. Error message. Is it jammed? Out of paper? Possessed? No it just needs a new toner. Where are the extra toners? Frantically, you dig through the cabinet, and finally find a dusty toner that expired in 2012. Looks like the meeting won’t be starting on time.

Posted 2014-02-05 by Blake Wrigley in Improving The Work Environment

In many businesses today, the focus on efficient problem solving and meeting the deadlines overshadows another essential aspect of the workplace: creativity. Creative thinking is what gives successful companies that extra spark. It keeps things fresh and allows us to see things in new ways, which most definitely helps when we have a challenging project and are feeling overwhelmed. In fact, creative thought may be the most important ingredient when solving problems.

Posted 2014-01-27 by Rachel Trainer in General

Is the winter vortex giving you a case of cabin fever? Here at WRIGLEY'S we love outdoor activities, but this time of year, evenings are much more enjoyable inside by a warm fire. Here are some ideas for keep the winter doldrums at bay.

Posted 2014-01-07 by Blake Wrigley in Community

WRIGLEY'S is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Schuylkill River National & State Heritage Area. We are excited to support and spread word of this organization which does so much to brighten and energize our community. A percentage of our earnings will be given so that their vision and mission can continue to grow and flourish.

Posted 2013-12-30 by Rachel Trainer in General

Oh no! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and you still don’t have plans to ring in the new year! Whether you’ve been too distracted with shopping post-Christmas sales or you’re simply burnt out from five-too-many Christmas parties, we have some last minute New Year’s Eve suggestions that are just your pace.

Posted 2013-12-20 by Rachel Trainer in General

With only five days until Christmas, chances are you are spending your lunches frantically searching for next-day delivery online shopping options and heading straight to the mall after work. Since WRIGLEY'S provides free next-day delivery, we’re here to save the day with our Last Minute Shopping Guide. Order by 5 pm on Friday for Monday delivery.

Posted 2013-12-13 by Rachel Trainer in Community

Snow is on the ground, Christmas lights are up, and holiday cards are starting to arrive – it feels every bit like the Christmas season. Whether you are already in full-on elf mode or you’re feeling a bit grinchy this year, here are some local events to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Posted 2013-12-06 by Blake Wrigley in General

The holiday season is a time to cherish and spend with those we care for most. It is a season of giving, gratitude, and good memories. The problem is that this time of year also has a dark side. The holidays can be hectic, frustrating, and stressful and not just because of the In-Laws.

Posted 2013-12-02 by Rachel Trainer in K-Cup Products and Testing

Tis the season….for Holiday K-Cups! Our Wrigley’s elves have been busy tasting K-Cups to help you pick out that perfect flavor for the holidays. Here are our scores, from slightly merry to the jolliest cup of cheer.

Posted 2013-11-26 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

Every office requires a unique organizational system to meet your employee and customer needs. Developing the perfect system is often a long trial and error process. If you are due for an update, the end of year rush might be the final catalyst to a total organizational meltdown. For our November Lunch and Learn, we held an Organizational Seminar to equip our customers with all the tools necessary to prepare their office for the new year. We teamed up with Smead, who brought samples of their newest and most popular filing products.

Posted 2013-11-19 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

We all have our own little ways of keeping ourselves alert, focused, and productive at work. For some of us that means a cup (or five) of coffee, for others it’s a certain genre of music, or an immaculately clean desk. Here’s our list of 5 ways to increase office productivity.

Posted 2013-11-08 by Blake Wrigley in Environmental

Research is continuing to reveal how exposure to the natural world improves our overall health. As we move farther along into an age defined by technology, our relationship to the natural world will become even more important and relevant, especially if our health and well-being are in question. The eco-friendly movement is also a human-friendly movement. These ideas are being carried into the office and work place as well and can help to create a safe, healthy, and efficient work place.

Posted 2013-10-23 by Blake Wrigley in Community

One of the ways we can create positive change in our communities is to buy local goods whenever possible. This strengthens the local economy (about 80% of every dollar spent locally stays within the community, compared to 30% of a dollar that was spent at a big-box store) and brings more jobs to the area. If our local economy is stronger, we then have more money available for our schools, construction projects, and so on.

Posted 2013-10-11 by Rachel Trainer in Educational Environment

From Facebook’s game-filled, college-themed campus to the futuristic lounges at the Googleplex playground, non-traditional office seating and design is a major trend in increasing employee productivity and contentment. As schools come under the microscope of standardized tests and national requirements, educators are also starting to look outside the box in classroom seating.

Posted 2013-09-30 by Blake Wrigley in Community

I am grateful to live in a place where we have the Autumn season. It is such a beautiful time of the year and provides such a nice transition from the warmer months to the cold. Fall provides us time to pause and reflect on our year thus far, while allowing us to prepare for winter. In a time when all around us nature is slowing down, growing quiet, and going dormant, we are able to breathe in the fresh, cool air and enjoy the season of color, harvest, and sweaters.

Posted 2013-09-23 by Blake Wrigley in Global Responsibility

What does it mean to think globally and to act locally? This is an important question. It is also an interesting question because as soon as we start to seek an answer, we start to create change. We start a conversation that has at the center of it another question: How does my individual action make a difference? Click on the photo for full article.