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Posted 2021-07-09 by Bret Wrigley in COVID RELATED

The pandemic is subsiding but it has left a multitude of challenges in it's wake. There are severe product shortages across many industries. Supply chain issues abound as manufacturers struggle with obtaining raw materials, staffing a sufficient work force for production demands, and readjusting to changing post-pandemic customer buying patterns.

Posted 2021-02-22 by Kellie Burden / SPR in COVID RELATED

Now more than ever, finding products that have both versatility and durability is extremely important. Whether you are in the office or working from home, lots of items need to do double duty, they should be space friendly and easily cleaned. Most companies have come out with products in the last year to do just. For those still going into the office, there are now lots of items to help ease the transition from the open workspace era to something more distanced.

Posted 2020-09-29 by Bambi Christman in COVID RELATED

The way you work at home is still changing. Even seven months later, you are still figuring out your perfect set up. WRIGLEY'S is here to give you the comfort and function of the office you need in your own home. Whether you have a designated office or share the space with the rest of the home, it's important that you have the right products that fit your work style and that fit you!

Posted 2020-08-11 by HOTAIR/Karen Townsend/Bambi C. in COVID RELATED

No one wants to be without cleaning supplies when we are in the throes of a plague. Antiseptic cleaning wipes are a common item in most American homes but that’s not the case now. If you’re the designated shopper in your family, you know that you can’t find a Clorox antiseptic cleaning wipe. The wipes quickly flew off the shelves at the very beginning of the pandemic outbreak and we haven’t seen them since.