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Posted 2020-01-29 by Bambi / AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL in Innovative New Products

National cross-country ski teams look to gain every advantage they can to cross the finish line first—everything from the latest advances in sports science, emerging eating trends involving superfoods, cryogenic recovery, cutting-edge training techniques and innovative equipment. But air purifiers?

Posted 2017-01-17 by Blake Wrigley in Innovative New Products

Here at WRIGLEY'S, we offer a complete catalog of Ghent products. Ghent, an American-owned and operated company, specializes in creating modern, innovative whiteboards and bulletin boards designed to help you communicate information in a clear and organized way. With a line that offers a wide variety of options (most of which are under a 50-year warranty) they are sure to have a something to fit your office.

Posted 2015-01-29 by Elizabeth Carlton in Innovative New Products

Boxes. They’re an every day necessity in the working world, and yet the agony of lugging, storing and moving them around can sometimes be unbearable. Our wrists hurt, our backs ache, yet we take the injuries in stride as if pain is just part of the job. But what if it didn’t have to be?