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Reduce Stress and Anxiety With Acupressure
Posted 2020-07-15 by Bambi/The Art of Healing in Heath and Wellness

This year has brought on an entirely new level of stress and anxiety with the onset of COVID-19. All of us - business owners and employees - are now facing challenges and uncertainties never before encountered as we navigate this new environment. It's important to remember that exposing our bodies to frequent stress and anxiety can manifest in all sorts of problematic and health-impacting symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, elevated blood pressure, digestion issues and compromised immune system. Acupressure can be used to alleviate a host of varying ailments.

Try the following Acupressure techniques to relieve stress and anxiety:

Point 1 (Nei Guan)

Starting from the wrist, measure the length of three fingers down the forearm. Where the third finger meets the middle of the arms width is where the point is located. Apply firm pressure using the thumb and gently rotated the thumb in a circular motion to massage the point for 2-3 minutes. Doing this to both arms will help to melt anxiety and will also help reduce any nausea present.

Point 2 (Union Valley)

This point is located between the webbing of the index finger and thumb. Apply the index finger and thumb from the opposing hands to either side of the webbing to form a pinch. Apply firm pressure for three minutes whilst taking deep enough breathes to fully inflate the abdomen. Applying pressure to this point will help to relive stress and tension in the body.

Point 3 (Shoulder Well)

This stimulation point is located half way between the point of the shoulder and the base of the neck. Applying pressure with your index finger to this point aids in relieving stress and decreasing tension in the body. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this point also helps to free up the flow of Qi throughout the meridian system.

Point 4 (Central Treasury)

This meridian point is located on the tender tissue two finger widths above where the underneath of the arm meets the chest. Using the tip of the index finger and applying moderate pressure to this point, to either one or both sides simultaneously, will aid with deep breathing and increased blood circulation, and help with the balancing of unstable emotions.

Point 5 (Heavenly Pillar)

This point lies one fingers width below the base of the skull, upon the rope-like muscles roughly one half-inch either side of the spine. Web the fingers across the back of the skull and use both thumbs to apply firm pressure to both points. Close the eyes and take long and deep breathes while stimulating the point for around 3 minutes to relieve stress. These points also assist in insomnia, a stiff neck, over exhaustion and swollen eyes.

Take the time to manage your stress and anxiety - your health depends upon it!