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Getting Creative With The Home Office
Posted 2020-09-29 by Bambi Christman in COVID RELATED

The way you work at home is still changing. Even seven months later, you are still figuring out your perfect set up. WRIGLEY'S is here to give you the comfort and function of the office you need in your own home. Whether you have a designated office or share the space with the rest of the home, it's important that you have the right products that fit your work style and that fit you!


Time to get creative! Regardless of it's size or layout, the kitchen can function as your office. Transform your "surface" into a standing height desk with an adjustable height monitor riser. Stay productive, healthy and energized with stool seating. ( HON Coordinate Portable Desktop Riser and HON Perch Stool )


This approach means getting the most out of every inch of space by adding a versatile HON Between Table with a comfortable HON Solve Task Chair. Once the work day is done, nest it away to make room for other activities.


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution! This leggy HON Build Table fits right in leaving plenty of open space underneath for additional storage. The HON Convergence Chair plays double duty as your desk chair and as a comfortable guest chair for visitors.

Browse our HON Catalog for the look that appeals to you. Then let our experienced furniture team help you build a home office that is attractive, ergonomic, and as hardworking as you are!