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More Joy, Less Stress This Holiday Season
Posted 2013-12-06 by Blake Wrigley in General

The holiday season is a time to cherish and spend with those we care for most. It is a season of giving, gratitude, and good memories. The problem is that this time of year also has a dark side. The holidays can be hectic, frustrating, and stressful and not just because of the In-Laws. Either at home or at work, we can really start to feel overwhelmed with our busy schedules and all we have to get done. So the question is: How can I make this season less stressful and more joyful? Even if we ask this question every year, it is worth repeating. Once we get past all the stress, we can see why we should be having a good time and how we can find some peace of mind.

This year for the holidays make sure you schedule everything, including time for rest and relaxation. Don’t let your plans control you. Communicate and be honest with your family about where and how everyone wants to spend their time. This might include skipping a happy hour for a yoga class or even changing some holiday traditions. Here are some tips for maintaining balance during the holidays.

Let go of expectations. You can’t control everything and you will drive yourself crazy if you expect to have the best holiday ever. What you can control is your reaction to all the buzz this time of year. Be flexible and be ready for what comes. Perhaps reminding ourselves what is most important is the most valuable thing we can do this holiday season. When the cookies are burnt, you’re wrapping gifts until midnight, or you’re tripping over your child’s new toy, take a deep breath and be thankful to spend this time with loved ones. Years from now you’ll all be laughing at The Great Christmas Cookie Fiasco of 2013.