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What is your organization style? Why it matters - and how to own it!
What's Your Organization Style? Why It Matters - And How To Own It
Posted 2021-04-08 by HON in Improving The Work Environment

Organization isn’t necessarily a science, but it’s absolutely a skill. Your workspace can become busy in the blink of an eye, which isn’t ideal for your focus or productivity. The key to being organized is knowing what type of organizer you are. If that makes no sense whatsoever, you’ll be in good shape by the end of this article—and that’s a promise.

The Art of Archival Storage and What It Means in the Workplace

It’s Monday. You’re organized, ready to tackle the week and the coffee has never smelled better. Hello, Wednesday. You’ve had a couple long days, papers are piling up everywhere, maybe you can’t find your phone under the clutter. Ah, Friday. Wait, is it Friday? Maybe. Probably.

Over the years, several studies have shed light on what disorganization costs you in terms of time and, ultimately, productivity. A Wall Street Journal report said the average office worker wastes one hour each day simply because they aren’t organized—which is about six weeks per year. In a word: yikes.

Workplace Storage Solutions for Both Organizing Styles

We also like to recommend digital storage options, which allow you to focus your workspace organization on the things that will help you get work done—think of recent work files (relevant to a current project), medical files for upcoming appointments or anything you need *now*.

The difference between active and archival shouldn’t be confused with clutter and clean; instead, it can be a direct result of your line of work or what your clients need you to have.

Regardless of your personal storage style, we can help you enhance it.

Tackling Clutter While Also Staying Orgainzed in the Office

Your coworkers notice, too. A survey commissioned by Adecco in 2012 found that nearly 60% of adults have judged a colleague by the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of their desk.

You won’t find any judgment here, although it’s true that people who lean more toward archival storage may be more prone to disorganization. But why?

In fields like law and accounting, which require physical files, there’s a volume of paperwork and documentation that needs to be on hand. When you’re juggling multiple projects and clients, the clutter can pile up quickly. 

We’re not saying you need to channel your inner professional organizer to get back on track. We can, however, begin to understand the importance of being organized—even if paperwork is part of your job and/ or preferred organizational style.

Is Active Storage a Better Option for Your Workspace Setup?

If the thought of a mess of papers and random items on your desk sends a chill up your spine, you’re probably not an archival organizer.

An active organizer is more of a minimalist, but also prefers efficiency within their workspace. If you’ve read one of the thousands of articles online about work-from-home desks, or been served an Instagram ad for a new workstation, you’ve seen the hyperbolic form of active storage.

Think of active storage and organization as simplifying the workspace, and keeping what you don’t immediately need (workout clothes for after work, today’s lunch or mail) elsewhere while you’re focused on the tasks at hand.

The Future of Organization is Exciting! Our sources have been working on new organization solutions for all types of work that balance both the simplicity of active storage with the detail required to manage archival storage. What if you could turn your workstation into a multipurpose productivity hub that keeps you organized? It's possible ... and it's coming soon. 

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