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The Current Supply Chain Issues and Plan Ahead Strategies
Posted 2021-07-09 by Bret Wrigley in COVID RELATED

The pandemic is subsiding but it has left a multitude of challenges in it's wake. There are severe product shortages across many industries. Supply chain issues abound as manufacturers struggle with obtaining raw materials, staffing a sufficient work force for production demands, and readjusting to changing post-pandemic customer buying patterns.

Some of the results are increased back orders, much longer lead times and constant price fluctuations. We are seeing this in several product lines that we carry: office products, paper products, office furniture, computer supplies - even promotional items and apparel.

All this means is PLAN AHEAD

Plan for the 4th quarter now. Just as important, let us know what types of products are essential to your business. We can help you with forecasting availability and we are able to stock products that are important to your business to ensure inventory is available when you need it. Our goal is - and always has been - to provide our customers with personalized service and to be a supplier you can depend on.