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Cold Weather Fun
Posted 2014-01-27 by Rachel Trainer in General

Is the winter vortex giving you a case of cabin fever? Here at WRIGLEY'S we love outdoor activities, but this time of year, evenings are much more enjoyable inside by a warm fire. Here are some ideas for keep the winter doldrums at bay.

Cook a Big Batch of Chili
Nothing like a spicy bowl of homemade chili to warm you up! Take the time to perfect your own recipe.
Or try one of these.

Learn How to Knit
Gain a new skill and make everything you need to keep warm – scarves, hats, mittens, even sweaters.
Check out this site for tips on getting started.

Donate Old Clothes to a Local Charity
Forget spring cleaning. Take the time to clean out your closet now while you’re stuck inside. Donate the clothes you haven’t worn in the past year. Can’t bear giving away that expensive dress you only wore once? Take it to a consignment shop like Revive in Boyertown. You’ll earn some cash, repurpose your unwanted clothes, and support a local small business.

Try Do It Yourself Projects
If you’re stuck inside, it’s a good time to get crafty! Check out our DIY Board on Pinterest for everything from candles to pet playhouses.

Take Movie Night to the Next Level
Movies and popcorn in your pajamas is a cold weather classic. Switch things up with a themed movie night. Cook a classic Italian dinner for a viewing of The Godfather – and don’t forget cannoli for dessert! For a kid-friendly movie night, try crepes and Beauty and the Beast or make biscuits (known as cookies in the United States) and tea for a Harry Potter night.