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Don't Let Your Printer Get The Best Of You
Posted 2014-03-03 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

It’s fifteen minutes before the big meeting. The bagels and coffee are laid out, the PowerPoint is set up, and the conference room is spotless. The only thing left to do is print the Agendas. Feeling accomplished, you click print and walk to the printer. Blinking red lights. Error message. Is it jammed? Out of paper? Possessed? No it just needs a new toner. Where are the extra toners? Frantically, you dig through the cabinet, and finally find a dusty toner that expired in 2012. Looks like the meeting won’t be starting on time.

Nothing can bring a busy work day to a halt like a printer malfunction. To make matters worse, printing costs make up about 40% of a business’s consumable spend.  Printers are expensive, frustrating, and time consuming. There’s a reason Office Space’s most famous scene is a gang of straight-laced professionals destroying a printer.

WRIGLEY'S can help.

We’ve created a complimentary (that’s right- FREE) service designed to make your printing less complicated. WRIGLEY'S Toner Savings Program is our response to some of your biggest printing issues.

Here’s how Wrigley’s Toner Savings Program will ease your printing pain:

  • Get the maximum amount of toner out of every cartridge.
    “Replace Toner” alerts come on before the cartridge is empty. Most companies throw away 10-15% of their toner by replacing cartridges too early. Our software will monitor your toner levels so you use every last drop.
  • Check one item off your “To Do” list.
    You won’t have to worry about ordering toner ahead of time. WRIGLEY'S will monitor your toner levels and automatically deliver a new cartridge just when you need it.
  • No more stockpiling back-up toners.
    Don’t tie up your money buying extra toners. WRIGLEY'S free next-day delivery means you’ll always have toner when you need it.
  • Increase office efficiency.
    You’ll never have to run to the store for a last minute toner again. WRIGLEY'S will send you a new cartridge when your toner levels are low.
  • Never find an expired toner in the back of a closet.
    Did you know toner cartridges have a shelf-life? Our automatic delivery service means you won’t have to worry about keeping extra toner around.
  • Minimize printer surprises.
    You will have access to a dashboard that reads your toner levels and printer usage. It will also provide you with information about preventative services to extend the life of your printer. You won’t have to worry about a printer shutting down because it’s over due for a service.

Think this sounds good? It gets even better. Sign up today for WRIGLEY'S Toner Savings Program and we will take 10% off every purchase of WRIGLEY'S Private Label Toner for the NEXT THREE YEARS.

That’s right, three years of savings. Printing doesn’t have to be difficult.
Let WRIGLEY'S Toner Savings Program simplify your printing experience.