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Go Green With WRIGLEY'S
Posted 2014-03-26 by Blake Wrigley in Environmental

Wrigley’s is constantly exploring new products, company policies, and partnerships that will further our ongoing sustainability efforts. We pass on some of this information through our blog, but we think it’s important for you to experience our top-quality eco-conscious products first-hand. Starting this month, Wrigley’s Go Green Project will allow you to try out some of our favorite environmentally-friendly products for free!

Here’s how it works: on the last Friday of every month, we will post a Green Friday code on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #WRIGLEYSGoGreen.  When placing your order online, enter in that code to receive a Green Gift the next workday. Simple, right? Plus, there is no order minimum. If you are placing it online, your code will work!

Each month's Green Gift will feature different recycled and/or sustainable products at no cost to you. From recycled pens made out of plastic water bottles to tree-less file folders to all-natural, biodegradable dish soap, we think you will find something that speaks to your inner environmentalist. So be on the lookout for the code - as well as some delivery guys in green! Join us as we continue to take small steps toward being a greener business.