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Spring Cleaning Your Office
Posted 2014-04-11 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! After an unusually long and cold winter, it’s time to clean out the office and start over with a fresh, new perspective.  Whether you have a small, personal office, or a large company, here are some tips to help with your Office Spring Cleaning.

Desk  – Despite the general movement toward a paperless office, you still find yourself swamped with old paperwork. File or recycle all the papers on your desk. Determine which pens don’t work and toss them. Create an organizational method that will help you maintain your orderly desk.

Drawers/Cabinets - After handling the top of your desk, take some time to clean out your file cabinets. You can’t stay organized when you have a decade’s worth of outdated files. For sensitive paperwork, schedule a mobile shredding appointment with WRIGLEY'S for safe disposal.

Surfaces – Once everything is organized, wipe down all the hard surfaces. This includes desks, walls, bookshelves, cabinets, chairs, and tables. Use microfiber towels, which have higher decontamination abilities than paper towels, along with citrus scented cleaner for that fresh spring scent.

Electronics – Are you guilty of eating at your desk? Remove crumbs (and dust!) from your keyboard with compressed air. Be sure to use specialized cloths for your screens to prevent scratching. Computer screen wipes come in containers similar to Lysol wipes and make cleaning electronics quick and easy.

Floors – Don’t forget to sweep and vacuum. For non-carpeted floors, now is the time to polish and remove the layers of winter grime. Not only will your office look instantly cleaner, it will be a healthier environment as well.

Don’t forget, you can’t clean without the right materials. Call or shop online for WRIGLEY’S full line of cleaning supplies. We have everything you need to keep your office clean, organized, and healthy.