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Social Media 101: Facebook for Small Businesses
Posted 2014-05-15 by Rachel Trainer in General

The news is full of stories about small businesses losing to big box companies. Globalization and the internet are making it more and more difficult for small companies to compete with their larger competition. However, one Internet tool is a larger asset than many small business owners realize: social media.

In the past ten years, Facebook has redefined the concept of community and shaped new relationship norms. Since small businesses survive on strong community ties, it is crucial that they reinforce their real world community on Facebook. Many small businesses are intimidated by the presence of large companies who have perfected the Facebook algorithm, but this is overthinking it. Small businesses can create a meaningful Facebook presence simply by posting relevant content and making connections reflective of their actual company.

If you are considering entering the world of Facebook or wondering how to improve your company’s presence, here are some tips on how to use Facebook for your small business.

  1. Your business profile is a reflection of your physical company. Remember, Facebook is a virtual extension of your personal network. It exists to build community. Connect with your customers and members of your local community on common issues such as local events, weather, holidays, news, and local traditions.
  2. Promote new products and services. Facebook is a great tool for updating your customers on exciting new products. Keep your customers excited about your company with engaging and conversational posts. Just be sure not to post advertisements too frequently or use aggressive phrasing. Facebook users crave relevant content. Spam-like or uninteresting advertisements end up at the bottom of- or worse, hidden from - your customers' Newsfeeds.
  3. Provide insight into your company culture. Give your followers the opportunity to peep inside the everyday goings-on of your company. Post pictures of new staff members, your newly decorated breakroom, and company celebrations like birthdays and work anniversaries. Information like this will help attract the best new employees and inspire positive feelings of trust and loyalty among your customer base.
  4. Use Facebook for customer feedback. Use Facebook polls to engage your customers and learn more about their preferences. If a customer posts a comment, whether positive or negative, be sure to respond quickly. This is an opportunity to show case your customer service care and further promote brand loyalty.
  5. Connect your Facebook to your physical company. Encourage customers to “Check In” at your company or write a positive review on Facebook by offering a small carrot like a free coffee or a percentage off their purchase. 
  6. Include Facebook in your Marketing Plan. Are you planning a Customer Appreciation event next month? Be sure to post information about the event on your Facebook in the weeks leading up to it, but it doesn’t end there. Encourage attendees to post about the event on Facebook. At the end of the day, put up a post thanking everyone for attending. The next day, post pictures from the event and connect with anyone you met at the event.  

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