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Social Media 101: Twitter for your Small Business
Posted 2014-05-21 by Rachel Trainer in General

Twitter is a great tool to help your small business stand out from the rest. If you have a well-developed brand image, Twitter is the perfect platform for connecting with your customers and defining your role in the marketplace.

Twitter started in 2006, originally as a tool to send short texts to groups of people. Now, it is a way to connect in real time with companies and individuals who share your interests. It consists of 140-character messages called “tweets,” so information is short and to the point. By following users, their tweets appear in your newsfeed. However, Twitter also includes a search box so you can find tweets about specific topics. Think of Twitter as a way to send a text to the public.

Here are some tips for using Twitter for your small business.

  1. Define your voice. Just as we learned in high school English class, good writing features an identifiable voice. What is your company’s voice? Are you clever and cutting edge? Enthusiastic community activist? Well-connected and in-the-know? Think about your brand and what personality you want to convey to your customers.
  2. Connect with like-minded businesses. Start following, retweeting, and tweeting at companies similar to yours. This is a great way to grow your local network and connect with companies around the country that may become valuable resources.
  3. Tweet at Individuals – Twitter’s new layout separates tweets directed at an individual from your general public tweets. Larger companies are using this feature to reach out to more followers than ever before. You can use it to reply to tweets about or relevant to your company.
  4. Twitter - Only Coupons – Reward your customers for connecting with you on Twitter. Tweet coupon codes for online orders and secret coupon words to use for in-store purchases.
  5. Twitter Contests – Engage your customers on Twitter with hashtag contests. Placing a hashtag (#) before a word turns the word into a searchable link. For example, a coffee shop named Jazzy Java could ask followers to tweet pictures of their coffee with the hashtag #JazzyJavaSips.  When a viewer clicks on the hashtag, Twitter pulls up a list of all the tweets containing that hashtag. Jazzy Java could randomly choose one of the tweets from this list to win a free coffee. Each tweet acts a free advertisement for your company. For the cost of one coffee, you could reach thousands of potential customers.
  6. Tweet as much as you want. Unlike Facebook, it’s almost impossible to tweet too much. While you don’t want to spam your followers by repeatedly tweeting the same message, frequent tweets are encouraged since the Newfeed updates in real time. Live tweet updates during events to connect with followers who are unable to attend.

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