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Father's Day
Posted 2014-06-12 by Bambi Christman in General

Father’s Day is a day that we honor and celebrate all dads, who work tirelessly to support, educate, and protect their families. They strive to raise their children to be respectful, responsible and to be able to be good productive adults with morals and family values. Dads can be stern, obnoxious, supportive, strict disciplinarians, and extremely protective. Dads sometimes behave like children themselves, and can be very funny and entertaining. Most of all, a father’s love is unconditional and deep rooted to the very fiber of their being. Dads are a source of strength and support, encouragement and forgiveness and deserve to be honored for all they have done, all they do, and all that they are.

My dad was not fortunate enough to learn good parenting skills from his father. But when he started his family of four at age 20, he stepped up to the plate and poured all of his energy and soul into being the best dad possible.  He always held more than one job and his days started very early. He loved making the time to cook a hot breakfast for us all while my mom got her only break of the day before he left for work. Dad never took a sick day off from work.  His work ethic was admirable and co-workers and bosses always became friends.  Dad dreamed of owning his own business and within a 20 year span of working multiple jobs while studying at night, he transformed himself from a blue collar steel worker to a proud owner of his own jewelry store. To say I admire my dad is an understatement.

My dad was not an outwardly affectionate man, but his love shone through when he put together an artist’s box for me, filled with charcoals and ink pens to encourage my artistic talents. His affection was clear when he indulged my tomboy behavior and tossed the football with me or let me practice my martial art skills on him (even before I had good control!)

For those of us whose fathers have passed on, these little memories are precious and we hold them close. To those of  you who still enjoy your father’s presence in your life, enjoy every moment you can with this man who loves to be called Dad. Celebrate your dad on Father's Day!