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Individual Responsibility
Posted 2013-09-23 by Blake Wrigley in Global Responsibility

What does it mean to think globally and to act locally? This is an important question. It is also an interesting question because as soon as we start to seek an answer, we start to create change. We start a conversation that has at the center of it another question: How does my individual action make a difference?

Sometimes we think small changes don’t amount to anything. We get this idea stuck in our head that we are only one person and at the end of the day our actions really don’t make a difference. I myself am guilty of this kind of thinking. Some days a small action of mine seems too small. It seems like a drop in a raging river. It can be hard to see how anything good can come from such small actions.

But here is the thing: this is how large changes start. As we volunteer in our communities, as we reduce, reuse, and recycle, and as we support our local businesses we affect the entire earth community. This is what it means to think globally and to act locally. There is no simple way to solve the world’s problems or to even begin to address them all. What we can do now is start to act where we find ourselves. We can trust that small changes can make a large difference and that local action ultimately affects all of us globally.