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The Power of Promotional Products
Posted 2014-07-18 by Blake Wrigley in Promotions

It’s a basic rule of business: a company that wants to grow needs to market themselves well. We understand this and want to help your business reach its true potential. Through promotional items and projects such as “Cause Marketing”, we believe you can really give your business the boost it needs.

At WRIGLEY’S, we are members of ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) which means we are able to offer you thousands of promotional products to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Promotional products can be a huge success (and many times are, as they are a $19.4 billion dollar industry). The reason: promotional products are memorable. Customers walk away with a product with your company’s name and, in many cases, potential customers will see that name as well. Plus, who doesn’t love a free water bottle?

This past spring, WRIGLEY’S helped Diamond Credit Union open a new branch in Gilbertsville, Pa. For this Grand Opening, we were able to help Diamond Credit put their names on a number of items from flashlights to air fresheners to picnic tote bags. We were happy to help get the word out for their Grand Opening and to be a part of the success that it was.

Another strong way to market your business while also benefiting the local community is called “Cause Marketing”. Cause Marketing shows your town that you care, while promoting who you are and what you do. The best part of all is that you are supporting organizations in the community that are doing important work and helping them to continue their mission.

WRIGLEY’S gives back to a number of local organizations and non-profits in the area. Two of these organizations for example, the Pottstown Cluster Outreach and the Schuylkill River Heritage Association, are supported by WRIGLEY’S through Cause Marketing. We are proud to offer to all the members of these two non-profits our products and services while having a percentage of each sale go back to the non-profit. We are able to support these organizations that are doing good, while also reaching more people and letting them know about WRIGLEY’S and what we have to offer.

Remember: good marketing takes creativity and vision. Let us know how we can help you spread your reach and get your name out there! We look forward to working with you. We invite you to browse our promotional website where you can search over 650,000 items!