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Americorps Journal: Part 1
Posted 2014-07-30 by Blake Wrigley in General

A few months ago, I stuffed my small, blue Toyota Scion with all my belongings, left my parents’ house in Gilbertsville and made my way south. I was moving to Baltimore, MD to start a year of service through Americorps. I accepted a job as a mentor for at-risk, inner city youth who are on probation. Into the wild I went.

Americorps is a national organization that provides service opportunities for all ages and personalities. There are programs all over the United States that allow people to dive deeper into his or her own area of interest including social work, environmental justice, and non-profit businesses. Check out for more information.

I am two months into my Americorps year and I am learning a lot about myself, the kids I serve, and the city in which I now call home. Needless to say, Baltimore life is a whole new world compared to Pottstown or Boyertown, PA. And yet the thing that makes all these places unique remains the same: the people.

The great thing about living in a large city is the diversity of people. People with all kinds of backgrounds and people from all over the world make Baltimore their home. The beautiful thing about this is that they carry with them different ideas and new ways to look at the world. This breeds creativity, originality, and lots of festivals!

Baltimore has a lot of these things and it makes for a great place to live, work, and explore. I am thankful to be here and look forward to discovering more about the people around me. Check back later for another update and thanks for reading!