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Color In the Classroom
Posted 2014-09-17 by Bambi Christman in Educational Environment

School is now in full swing and we here at WRIGLEY'S are feeling the school spirit! We are excited to help you find what you need for your classroom and are proud to offer more than just everyday school supplies such as pencils and notebooks. We also have available a full line of school furniture that can outfit the modern classroom and help create a positive learning space.

Color In the Classroom

There are several very interesting articles on “color in the classroom” and the impact colors have on students’ emotions, productivity, communication and learning. Studies on emotion and color show a direct link between color and and positive and negative feelings. The use of color also helps define a room’s purpose, whether it is for creative thinking, quiet study, collaboration, or relaxation.

In classrooms for younger children, colors can be used to help them understand how certain areas of a room are used. For example, the blue chairs in the corner may be used as a reading and relaxation area, while the red table is a free-play area. Children thrive in spaces filled with color, tending to be more alert and attentive.

Color in Common Areas

The choice of colors in common areas should reflect the purpose of the area. Entry ways and lunchrooms are the perfect locations to utilize the school’s colors. The library, which may have multiple functions, can be color-coded to not only direct students to an area, but to also enhance the experience of the area.

To learn more about the use of color in classrooms, read this very interesting article from Teaching and Learning In The Digital Age.

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