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Why You Should Order Your Ice Melt Now
Posted 2014-10-08 by Bambi Christman in General

The winter of 2013-14 was one of the coldest winters in 20 years. There were only a few severe storms -.but there were a LOT of storms! Cities and states that normally had a surplus of salt – ran out! The predictions for winter 2014-15 in our area is looking like a repeat of last year. Colder-than-average temperatures and above-normal snowfall.  I believe this is our “heads-up”, people!

Last year’s winter will affect us going into THIS winter.

Possible Salt Shortage

Salt mines are struggling to replenish supplies that were depleted last winter. Mines and suppliers may
not be able to replenish supplies sufficiently by December. Some experts are saying it may take as long as three years to catch up.

Reactionary Marketplace

Many businesses ran out of rock salt by February and their usual sources had also run dry.  Loyal customers were turning to competing sources in desperation.  We expect that both may overcompensate this year by buying larger quantities. Will this drive prices up as we get closer to the winter season?

We suggest buying early and being prepared. Winter is tough enough without any added worries.

By the way, have you checked the condition of your boots, gloves, hats, shovels and windshield scrapers?

Just asking.