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Sit. Stand. Move.
Posted 2014-11-13 by Bambi Christman in Improving The Work Environment

Thirty minutes of exercise a day use to be considered protection against the damaging effects of a desk job. Studies now show that even for those who work out during the day, prolonged sitting can increase the long-term risk of illness or death. As a result, some office workers are literally standing up for their health – shunning expensive ergonomically correct chairs and building makeshift, stand-up desks.

Research shows that our increased use of cars, computers and television over the last several decades, and the ever-growing number of desk jobs, has raised our populations’ risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers.

And unfortunately, hopping on your treadmill for a few hours a week does not provide the antidote for spending 140+ hours a week sitting/resting. Sitting too much isn’t the same as exercising too little. Sitting every day at a desk actually impairs key mechanisms in the body that regulate fat and cholesterol metabolism, changes that aren’t reversed by exercise. Sitting also dramatically reduces contractions or electrical activity in skeletal muscles, because the chair is supporting the body’s weight. Also, when you’re standing or walking, your leg muscles are constantly working, which helps to clear glucose and fats from the bloodstream. However standing ALL DAY is not recommended either. Finding a nice balance between the two is beneficial for your health AND your productivity.


The adjustable FOLI™ table from GLOBAL, allows you to change the height of your work surface throughout the day, encourages continuous body movement, which revitalizes blood flow, boosts energy levels and reduces body stressors and fatigue. The electric height adjustment minimizes work interruption. For more details and specifications on the FOLI™ table, click here. Do you need help reconfiguring  your work space? WRIGLEY’S can help you with that! Give us a call today!