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BOXA: Boxes and Organizers Made Better
Posted 2015-01-29 by Elizabeth Carlton in Innovative New Products

Boxes. They’re an every day necessity in the working world, and yet the agony of lugging, storing and moving them around can sometimes be unbearable. Our wrists hurt, our backs ache, yet we take the injuries in stride as if pain is just part of the job.

But what if it didn’t have to be? 

According to Boxa you aren’t the problem. It’s the file and storage boxes we use on a daily basis. Everything about the handles from their location to the shape works against you, making them anything but human-friendly.

In short, we’ve been carrying boxes all wrong, for centuries!

The Good News:

Boxa created and patented their own gripping technology that produces less pain and agony when lifting and carrying their products. It utilizes a method called the spiral grip. Most boxes use a hook grip, which places all the weight you’re carrying on the tips of your fingers. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

The spiral grip uses your fist, not your fingers, so that you have a firm hold that can handle resistance much better and for quite some time!

Boxa’s patented gripping technology was tested and approved by a qualified team of ergonomic and human factoring specialists to be better, safer, and stronger than the rest. You can literally feel the difference. Boxa weaves the immense power of the spiral grip into their products, putting at your disposal a group of muscles that’s 3 to 4 times more powerful than using the traditional hook grip found on almost every other box in the world.

It Gets Better:

Boxa’s grips not only fit your hand better, they are angled toward your body, allowing your wrist to remain straight while holding the box parallel to the ground. This eliminates strain on the wrists and prevents the user from leaning backward to compensate for a changing center of gravity.

But that’s not the only thing Boxa did. Their products are bursting at the seams with extra features. Boxa sells both boxes and organizers that can be put together in seconds through their patented Boxa FastConnect assembly system, saving you time and frustration. Plus, their versatile designs incorporate other unique like the reversible 101 box, lockable lids and the multi-tiered Omni!

Now Available:

Best of all, these products are now available through online retailers such as WRIGLEY'S. With their competitive prices and added features, why wait? Make your home and office safer and more organized with Boxa’s revolutionary products today.