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Tough to Toss
Posted 2015-02-18 by Bambi Christman / SMEAD in General

One of the biggest hurdles to getting organized is a looming anxiety about getting rid of belongings. We want to clear out our space, but struggle when it comes time to move the clutter out the door. Typically, one of four barriers impedes the process. Here is an overview of the most common hurdles, along with some thoughts on how to overcome them.

Barriers to De-Cluttering


This is when we think, “I can’t get rid of it because I might need it someday.”We often feel this way about financial paperwork or a specialized item, but this anxiety can nag at us over a variety of possessions.

Solution: Establish Criteria for What You Will Keep


Items we feel guilty getting rid of commonly include things such as gifts/inherited items, expensive items, bargains, greeting cards and kids artwork.

Solution: Keep What Brings You Joy


This is where we run into items that are hard to dispose of, such as old paint, used electronics, air conditioners, old/unused medication, heavy mattresses, etc.

Solution: Identify Disposal Options


Many of us have items that we have decided to get rid of, but hate to simply throw in the landfill. Sometimes they are in good shape, and we think we can sell them. Other times, we simply want to pass them on to someone who can use them.

Solution: Sell or Donate

Shedding unwanted possessions may not seem as fun as acquiring new ones, but the process is well worth the effort. Clearing space and restoring order brings freedom, control, and lightness... none of which you can buy in a store! Need more direction for each of these solutions? Click here!