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Spring Thinking
Posted 2015-03-19 by Bret Wrigley in General

Spring Thinking

There’s nothing better than skiing on a beautiful winter day. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do in life. It’s been a good winter for skiing. At the same time, it’s been a really cold and long winter and I am more than ready for spring.

My thoughts are now springing forward to warmer weather and enjoying my favorite outdoor activities. Topping my list is hiking and biking on various sections of the Schuylkill River Trail.

Rather than writing about the surprising scenic beauty the trails have to offer, or the easy and convenient expense free way to improve your fitness level, I would like to mention what I think are some of the not so obvious benefits of hitting the trails.

I have found that spending regular and consistent time on the nature trails has a calming effect on me. There is something about nature – the combination of the peace and quiet, the subtle sounds of the river, the beauty of the trees – that helps me unwind and decompress. I always feel better on the way home from the trail than I did on the way to the trail.

Give it a try, give it some time. I think you will find a short walk or bike ride a few times a week will make a difference in how you feel. It will grow on you, and before you know it, you will have established a new and healthy habit.

If you live in Pennsylvania, there’s probably a trail near you. Like I always tell my kids, “Google it!” and you will find them. Pennsylvania has a rich heritage; the trails are a gift from our past.

Enjoy the spring and summer!