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Discover The Secret Valley in Your Hometown
Posted 2015-11-10 by Blake Wrigley in Community

It’s funny how we can live in an area for a long time, sometimes our entire lives, and still continue to discover new places so close to home. There is a new (yet old) way to explore the local area: The Colebrookdale Railroad (CRR). A project of the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust, the Secret Valley Line is bringing a fresh energy to the Boyertown and Pottstown area.

Running eight and half miles nearby the Manatawny Creek, the Secret Valley Line exposes us to things we have forgotten or never knew, things that we drive by every single day. The CRR allows the community to enjoy train rides from Boyertown to Pottstown and back, taking explorers through the scenic backwoods of our hometowns. This railroad restoration project now has themed rides and excursions throughout the entire year to help celebrate holidays and Southeastern Pennsylvania pride. On these rides you may be able to enjoy some good food, wine, beer, local folklore, or perhaps some live music.

Along with bringing an exciting new feature to our home, the CRR is also helping to create jobs, support local businesses, and bring new visitors to the area. Along with all these benefits, the Secret Valley Line is doing something else that is as equally important: it’s preserving local heritage and culture. So when you get your ticket and step on the train, remember that you are not only playing a part in building and supporting your hometown. You are also participating in the rejuvenation of local history and culture.

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