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A Word About The WRIGLEY'S Team
Posted 2015-12-03 by Bret Wrigley in General

Like most people I love the Holiday season (most of the time!). I especially enjoy taking some of the quiet Holiday time to slow down, unwind and do a little reflective thinking. Over this past Thanksgiving break I did just that.

One of the thoughts that floated to the top was about my business - big surprise!  However, since I was in a relaxed, reflective state of mind, I was able to cast aside thinking about my “to do” lists or the many challenges the business faces. Instead, what came to mind were thoughts of appreciation about some of the past and all of my current team of employees.

I’ve been in business since 1991; several great people have come and gone. Some, not so great, but that’s another blog. On top of the great people list was, MJ Leitheiser. MJ passed away a few years ago. She was a special person who was loved by all and is missed by customers and fellow employees alike. She truly knew how to enjoy life.

Looking back over the last 24 years I truly feel the current team is the best I have ever assembled. As a group, they are always looking to be excellent at what they do, find a “better way” to do their job and to improve service to our customers. We have a core group of seasoned, knowledgeable veterans (old people). That group has been very loyal to me for many years and together, we have weathered many storms. Their smarts and knowledge really help differentiate my company from the industry “Big Box” stores. I am not letting any of them ever retire.

We also have a group of young team members in the mix. They bring different skill sets, business thoughts and outlooks to the company. It’s been refreshing and welcomed.  They are mixing well with the veterans. I truly think we are learning from each other. They are making us a better team. I am very excited about the contribution they are making to the company.

This team is making Wrigley’s Business Products and Services more of a “valued added” company than it has ever been!