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Lessons From Life
Posted 2015-12-17 by Bret Wrigley in General

If you are like me, life continues to fly by at a crazy pace.  The battle cry for most of us is “I am so busy” or “time is flying by”.  I think the pace of today’s world many times prevents us from noticing lessons life is continuously sending our way.

Unfortunately, one of the most important lessons in life doesn’t seem to really enter into our thoughts until some type of tragedy or traumatic event happens to us or someone we are close to.

The simple, but hugely important lesson is that we all live out our lives on a thin line, so live life with that in mind. Most of us (me included), have been taught that lesson over and over again - and yet, we still let that lesson drop out of our awareness.

If or when something bad happens to someone you care about, maybe even someone you’ve only read or heard about, as painful as it may be, try to put yourself in the shoes of that person or their family. Let it be your “thin line lesson”.  If we all do that more frequently, our lives will be filled with more compassion towards others and a greater appreciation for the simple pleasures in our lives we all too often take for granted.