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Why Buy Local
Posted 2013-10-23 by Blake Wrigley in Community

One of the ways we can create positive change in our communities is to buy local goods whenever possible. This strengthens the local economy (about 80% of every dollar spent locally stays within the community, compared to 30% of a dollar that was spent at a big-box store) and brings more jobs to the area. If our local economy is stronger, we then have more money available for our schools, construction projects, and so on.

But buying local can do even more than this. By bringing our patronage to independent businesses, we support the health of our towns. Local businesses know their community’s needs and wants, allowing them to provide personal, friendly service. These businesses are also much more likely than big-box stores to give to local non-profits, community groups, and charities. WRIGLEY'S is committed and proud to give back to the community. Supporting local non-profits, charities, and community groups is at the heart of our business philosophy.

Buying locally grown food also has many positive effects. When food is produced locally it hasn’t traveled long distances to your grocery store. This directly benefits the consumer as food is fresher and therefore more nutritional. Even more, it benefits the environment by keeping pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from trucks and planes to a minimum.  This plays a large role in the sustainability of our earth, our neighborhoods, and our future generations. Check out and search for local food near you!

Remember, this is a large group effort. Buy local when you can and support your town’s independence, character, and stability. Check out your town’s website for more ways to support your local economy. Boyertown and Pottstown both have committees devoted to rejuvenating their downtowns. Remember, you are not just giving a boost to the local economy. You are investing in the health and wellness of your community and that is a worthy goal for all.