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"Zac In The Office"
Posted 2016-02-25 by Bret Wrigley in General

Zac is a local celebrity a.k.a., Zac in the Hall. If you search for “Zac in the Hall” on YouTube, you can watch several “Zac in the Hall” episodes.  Long story short, Zac is now a college student who is working part time at WRIGLEY’S. I saw the potential of doing something fun and at the same time informative, so we created, “Zac in the Office”. Through “Zac in the Office”, the viewers will be learning more about the WRIGLEY’S team, the products and services we offer, as well as some practical ideas on how to improve efficiency, comfort, and productivity in a workplace environment.

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We will also be sending Zac out into our community. He will be interviewing representatives from non-profit and charitable organizations. I think it’s important to spread the word on the various organizations that do great things in our area. For example, he recently did an episode with The Pottstown Cluster Outreach organization.

Last, but not least, Zac will be doing episodes with businesses in the area. We are a strong supporter of buying local and promoting the same. The episodes will be short, light hearted and informative. For example, watch a recent “Zac in the Office” episode we did for Limerick Eye Associates.

At this time, we charge a very low fee for this service …. $0.00. You’ll be able to post the video on your web site and/or on your favorite social media site. By the way, Google loves original videos. It’s a good way to improve search engine ranking and visibility for your organization or business on the internet.

We will be posting Zac’s episodes on our website and on our Facebook page. Several episodes are in the pipeline so check back regularly. Feel free to send me any thoughts or suggestions.