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Communicate Clearly with Ghent - mobile whiteboards LINK boards and glassboards.
Communicate Clearly with Ghent
Posted 2017-01-17 by Blake Wrigley in Innovative New Products

Here at Wrigley’s, we offer a complete catalog of Ghent products. Ghent, an American-owned and operated company, specializes in creating modern, innovative whiteboards and bulletin boards designed to help you communicate information in a clear and organized way. With a line that offers a wide variety of options (most of which are under a 50-year warranty) they are sure to have a something to fit your office.

Ghent manufactures a number of whiteboard and bulletin board styles, including their mobile whiteboards on wheels allowing you to brainstorm anywhere in the office. They also have a line of ergonomic LINK whiteboards that are fully customizable, as well as a line of glassboards that provide a unique, yet modern dry-erase board that can attach to any wall surface, including brick and concrete.

For whatever work you are doing in whatever space, these products are tools that will allow your ideas to flow in organized, efficient ways. This is the value of Ghent products. All Ghent products are available through WRIGLEY'S (some are special order).

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