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Going Green + Ergonomics
Posted 2013-11-08 by Blake Wrigley in Environmental

Research is continuing to reveal how exposure to the natural world improves our overall health. As we move farther along into an age defined by technology, our relationship to the natural world will become even more important and relevant, especially if our health and well-being are in question. The eco-friendly movement is also a human-friendly movement. These ideas are being carried into the office and work place as well and can help to create a safe, healthy, and efficient work place. The science of making sure that how we work fits with our human needs is called ergonomics. Ergonomics seeks to understand the interactions between humans and other elements of a system that they are working within. Examples of this include a chair that is adjustable with appropriate back support and arm rests or having your computer monitor in a position that is comfortable for your neck and eyes.

Now, let’s look at eco-friendly practices with an ergonomic lens. In other words: how can being eco-conscious improve life at the office? For starters, simply sitting next to a window at the office increases alertness and happiness. Also, having plants throughout the office improves the air quality by naturally filtering the air we breathe. Remember to take breaks from sitting at your desk and working on your computer. Consider taking a short break (or eating lunch) outside each day. This can be a rejuvenating experience, even if only for a few minutes. These are small things that can give us that extra boost to improve our work and refresh our minds.

Check out more ideas here on how to make your work place more eco-friendly and be sure to check out WRIGLEY’s new Green Favorites List on our online store. “Going green” means a lot more than just recycling water bottles and saving the polar bears. Ultimately, seeking to be eco-friendly at work or at home is improving the environment we live in, making it cleaner, safer, and a more enjoyable place to be.