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Ergonomic Solutions for Your Wellness
Posted 2017-02-28 by Blake Wrigley in Improving The Work Environment

When you are at work, you should never have to sacrifice your comfort and especially not your health! Thanks to advances in ergonomics and office furniture, you can make your office and workspace not only more productive, but also an environment that supports your wellness. That is why WRIGLEY'S offers products from companies such as ESI Ergonomic Solutions who specialize in comfortable and efficient workplace tools.

ESI is a Nationally Certified Woman-Owned business that is based out of Arizona. They have a full line of budget-friendly, high-quality products that can help you customize a variety of workspaces. Their line includes flexible monitor arms, height adjustable tables, laptop holders, sit-to-stand workstations, and other office accessories. Be sure to check out their website using the link above to explore more of their products.

Remember: ESI products are designed to help fit your physical needs and to give you more options for maximized comfort. For example, ESI’s sit-to-stand workstations allow you to easily switch to a standing position while you work, which studies are showing has major health benefits. If you are able to work in a more natural, comfortable way, you can then put more energy into the work that needs to get done. Plus, your body will thank you. Let us know if you have any questions about these products! Breitling Replica