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3 Rules For Effective Meetings
3 Rules for Effective Meetings
Posted 2017-06-07 by Blake Wrigley in Improving The Work Environment

3 Rules for Effective Meetings

We all have meetings at our workplaces. Some are efficient, others…not so much. Why do we leave some meetings feeling productive, focused, and energized, while other times we leave feeling drained and perhaps even more confused? cartier Replica

In this excellent article from The New York Times’ Business section, the columnist distills tips from over 500 CEOs into 3 simple rules for effective meetings. We wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you can combine these ideas with your own creativity in order to run a meeting that works best for your office.

Rule 1: Set the Agenda

Always give out an agenda, even if the meeting will be brief. An agenda provides a clear purpose for the meeting. Everyone likes to know why the meeting is taking place. Handing out an agenda also provides a guide to the meeting if the conversation gets off track.

Rule 2: Start and End on Time

Meetings are meant to enhance teamwork and workplace efficiency, not the opposite. If a meeting starts late and ends late, meetings can actually seem like a barrier to getting things done. This rule is a simple idea, yet can be hard to implement. Train yourself to get in the habit of sticking to the schedule (and respecting everyone’s time).

Rule 3: End with an Action Plan

Every meeting should end with some kind of discussion about the next steps. This is absolutely essential. Provide space at the end of each meeting to make sure everyone knows what their tasks are and how they should start moving towards completing those tasks.