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On Monday August 21, parts of North America will experience a special, total solar eclipse.
It's Been 38 Years!
Posted 2017-08-18 by Blake Wrigley in General

Next week, on Monday August 21st, parts of North America will experience a special, total solar eclipse. An eclipse like this has not occurred since 1979. In our neck of the woods we will not be able to see the total eclipse, but this area will still be able to view a partial eclipse and it promises to still be a stunning sight to see.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon lines up perfectly between the earth and the sun, fully or partially blocking the sun’s light from reaching our planet. A total solar eclipse can last for up to 3 minutes, yet the entire event can last for a few hours. On Monday in our area, the eclipse will be at its maximum point at 2:44 pm, while the entire event will last for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

If you would like to observe this event, you will need to wear special glasses that will keep your eyes safe. You can purchase a pair online, find some at an outdoor store, and often local libraries will have more information and may even have some for free. These glasses are very important to have, as you can seriously injure your eyes if looking at the sun with naked eyes!

So take a break Monday in the afternoon, get outside, and check out this beautiful event. Maybe make it an event for the whole office!