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5 Steps to Increasing Your Productivity
Posted 2013-11-19 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

We all have our own little ways of keeping ourselves alert, focused, and productive at work. For some of us that means a cup (or five) of coffee, for others it’s a certain genre of music, or an immaculately clean desk. Here’s our list of 5 ways to increase office productivity.

1. One task at a time.
While multitasking is often considered an important professional skill, experts agree that you produce better quality work when you focus on one thing at a time. Rather than switching between multiple open tabs, set aside a certain amount of time for each task.

2. Fuel up.
Everyone knows you need to eat your breakfast, but it is also a good idea to keep some healthy snacks on hand. Next time you’re feeling hungry and cranky, skip the break room donuts, which will leave you feeling even more sluggish. Here are a few yummy snacks that will recharge your mind and body.
• Veggies and Hummus :  Crunchy veggies like carrots and celery are a satisfying alternative to chips, while hummus is packed full of vitamins and protein.
• Apple and Ground Peanut Butter: The perfect combo of carbs and protein, this snack will leave you feeling energized and satiated.
• Blueberries and Greek Yogurt: Blueberries are known to increase memory, while the high protein yogurt will keep you feeling full longer.

3. Ergonomic Offices
Our bodies were not designed to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day.  Studies have shown that working at a desk all day can result in poor health even for people who maintain an active lifestyle outside of the office. Ergonomic desks and chairs can help counteract this as they ensure proper posture, thus minimizing neck/back pain, eye strain, and other injuries. Check out the Ergogenesis line of ergonomic seating, which considers both the individual’s body type as well as the demands of their specific industry. They also offer desk accessories that allow you to sit or stand at work.

4. Exercise
Regular exercise increases your physical energy and improves brain activities. Working out every day will boost your mood, focus, and productivity.  Check out this woman’s story of how starting a 5:30am workout routine changed her life.  Or why not combine your work with your workout? Treadmill desks and bicycle desks are growing trend. If you can’t fit a treadmill into your cubicle, check out this list of exercises to do at your desk. 

5. To Do Lists
There is no better way to stay on track throughout the day than maintaining a To Do list. Before leaving work in the evening, prepare your To Do list for the following day. This helps your work flow carry over into the next day, and is especially important for the transition from Friday evening to Monday morning. Rather than ordering your tasks from 1-100, try maintaining a “Do Now” list and a “Do Later” list to keep track of short- and long-term projects.