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Lunch and Learn -Office Organization Made Easy
Posted 2013-11-26 by Rachel Trainer in Improving The Work Environment

Every office requires a unique organizational system to meet your employee and customer needs. Developing the perfect system is often a long trial and error process. If you are due for an update, the end of year rush might be the final catalyst to a total organizational meltdown. For our November Lunch and Learn, we held an Organizational Seminar to equip our customers with all the tools necessary to prepare their office for the new year. We teamed up with Smead, who brought samples of their newest and most popular filing products. Here are some of the tips we learned:

  1. Use the right size file.
    Seems like common sense, but so many well-intentioned filing projects start with clean manila folders, only to end up with over-stuffed, ripped folders in two months. If you are filing a few pages, these are great, but for files with the potential to grow, you’ll save time and money with stronger, larger folders.
  2. Straight line filing.
    As anyone accustomed to Excel docs knows, it can be difficult to scan multiple columns of data. Opt for uniform folders where the tabs will be in a straight line for easier searches.
  3. Think outside the filing cabinet.
    By using end tab file folders on open shelves, you can fit more files in an allotted space. However, filing cabinets will always be the go-to for sensitive information.
  4. In over your head?
    Smead offers free on-site filing surveys to get your office on the track to organized success. Call Wrigley’s today to set up an appointment 610-367-0421.

Smead closed the Lunch and Learn by introducing us to a cool new product: the Stick-N-Find. While it had very little to do with office clean-up, it is the perfect product for someone struggling with organization in their everyday life. Stick the adhesive dot on anything you don’t want to lose. When it inevitably goes missing, login into the app on your iPad or smartphone to access the GPS technology. It’s a great solution for keys, wallets, and small children.

In all, it was a fun, interesting, and educational Lunch and Learn. We’re taking a break for the holidays, but we’re planning a larger, more exciting event for January!