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Friendsgiving - The best celebration ever!
Friendsgiving - The best celebration ever!
Posted 2018-11-06 by Bambi Christman in Community

If your family lives too far away for you to join them on Thanksgiving, or you now find yourself without family, you still get a chance to experience the warmth of a Turkey Day gathering with people you love spending time with: your friends. If you’re hosting and have carefully curated your guest list, a few generous “plus ones” can usher in some odd characters. Conversely, if you’re just a guest at somebody else’s party, get ready to experience the weird and wonderful cross-section of their social circle. This casual event can be a great day to make new friends since Friendsgiving provides an opporutnity to meet people from different social and work groups. A host's favorite co-worker might end up seated next to his sister-in-law's cousin. A new neighbor can hit if off with a former college roommate. Friendsgiving is about celebrating existing connections and making new ones.

Though a gracious home is a welcoming setting, Friendsgiving can happen anywhere. It can take place in the back room of a Mexican restaurant or outside in a beautiful park setting. Though Friendsgiving starts with the invitees, food is equally important. Menus vary as widely as guest lists. Some hosts prefer to work with a theme, while other groups enjoy a crazy, mixed-up pot luck meal. Another great idea is to have everyone bring that one dish that is a stand-out from their childhood memories. Note: A circulated list is helpful to avoid a meal that is nothing but desserts!

An eclectic mix of friends combined with a table full of delicious food is the perfect celebration of friendship and thanksgiving! You can't always recreate the family gathering of yesteryear but you can start working on wonderful new memories!