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Fireproof Storage Is A Business Essential
Posted 2019-11-05 by Bambi Christman in Business Essentials

In a business, there are plenty of crucial and flammable items that fireproof storage can protect, alongside checks and money. Essential paperwork might include documents that outline your ownership of the commercial property, or insurance papers, stocks, and shares. These things can help to ensure the quick and easy re-growth of the business after a fire-based disaster.

Many businesses account for the potential of theft and natural disasters when disaster-proofing their business, but it’s important to remember that fire is unpredictable. Though you might tell yourself that you’ll always have the chance to remove important cash and documents from your business premises each night, for most businesses the risk just isn’t worth the potential cost.

Crucial Business Items To Keep Safe

  • Insurance policies and contact information: You’ll need this information to start rebuilding your business after a fire.
  • External hard-drives and backups of crucial business information: Most companies store some manner of customer data, and may maintain hard-copy backups of this information to defend their future in the case of a disaster. Fireproof storage protects CDs and memory drives just like paper and documents.
  • Crucial papers related to investments, bank accounts, retirement plans, invoices, and tax information.
  • Important documents for the business, including deeds, contract agreements, stocks, and shares.
  • Information regarding due dates on outstanding debts, or potential upcoming payments from long-term clients.
  • Titles to company vehicles and spare keys.
  • Employee information and job contracts.
  • Rainy-day funds, cash, and checks that can help you to start rebuilding your business

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