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WRIGLEY'S MALL is an inventory management system specifically created for managing the ordering of your company branded supplies, printed materials, and promotional products and apparel.

The Mall Homepage contains the company logo, company-specific message, location-specific message, store categories, messages and banners.

A menu is available by clicking on the username in the top right corner of the page.

Menu items Company, Location, Users, Banners, Messages and Reports are only available for Managers.

Store Categories

A company can have an unlimited number of categories.

Each category can hold an unlimited number of products.

Easy switching between categories.

Product Selection

Select a product by clicking anywhere inside the gray product box.

The popup feature will display the SKU, availability and price.

To place the product in the shopping cart, enter Quantity and click the button "Add to Cart".

Shopping Cart

Products placed in the shopping cart can be updated, removed and sorted using simple drag/drop.

All products stay in the cart even if a User logs out of the Mall.

Business Cards

Users and Managers can order business cards.

Business Cards Orders

Business Cards design and layout are company specific.

Each order can be modified with the User or Manager's specific information.

Business Cards orders are not placed in the shopping cart as they are custom orders and as such do not have their own SKU.

Please note: The Business Cards function is not graphic or interactive, but text only. The image of the business card is a company specific sample.

Company Settings

Managers can change the company-specific text for the Homepage.

Location Settings

Managers can decide if the location's Users needs to have their orders approved by a Manager.

Managers can also change the location-specific text for the Homepage.


Managers can add, modify and delete Users from the location they belong to.

Managers can set other Users to be Managers and Order Approvers.


Managers can add, modify and delete banners.

The banners are located on the Homepage and can have links to other websites.

Larger version of the banner can be viewed by placing the mouse over the thumbnail image.


Managers can add, modify and delete colored message boxes to be displayed on the Homepage for their location.

Message boxes can be green, blue, yellow and red.

Report - Inventory

Managers can view a complete inventory report.

Report - Orders

Managers can view a complete order history report.

Information about the location's budget, spending and available budget is located at the top of the report.

By clicking a button, complete product details can be viewed for each order.

Product Requests

Users and Managers can submit requests and suggestions for additional products to be placed in the Mall.


Complete system documentation is available for both Users and Managers.

The Mall system knows if the current User is a User or a Manager and opens the correct documentation.

The documentation is located in a PDF file and will open in a new tab/window.

The PDF reader's interface will be determined by the computer's operating system.


Users and Managers can submit support tickets.